Andis Clippers and Its features

Knowing how to care for your pet is of extreme importance if you are a pet owner. Your pet should be nurtured with love, care and affection while they also give in return their love, loyalty, friendship, protection and so on. Besides nurture and love, keeping them in good physical shape and grooming them is what completes the entire pet care regimen. And when we speak of grooming, the whole experience for your pet is what must be taken into account. This is where grooming clippers act in response to the call for a well groomed and beautiful pet. Andis clippers are one of the must-have tools that pet owners have got to purchase. 

Since its establishment in 1921, Andis is still the name synonymous to quality, durability and great performance. Professional stylist and animal groomers look up to Andis brand for cutting and trimming tools which up to this moment remain unparalleled when it comes to innovation and remarkable performance. From the creation of its first clippers, Andis Company have radically innovated the model of clippers that was once introduced almost eight decades ago. Today, there is a complete line of clippers specifically designed for pets.

Andis clippers are an ideal tool to give your pet a swift yet nice grooming at whatever time your pet need it. Its human engineering makes it functional and user-friendly, which is why using it anytime and anywhere will not be a problem, plus, you get to save money because you won’t be needing anymore a grooming salon or professional animal groomer.

Andis clippers operate smoothly and silently which is especially important in calming a sensitive pet. Another plus point is that it doesn’t feel scorching on your pet because the blade cools down speedily. These clippers are also protected by a sort of housing that is resilient to breakage, over use or unsafe chemicals. So before you resort to grooming salon or ask for a professional help of a pet groomer, why not give a personal clippers a try.


Andis Clippers—Your Clever Choice in Pet Care

From its humble beginning in 1921 for having assembled its first electric clipper, andis clippers significantly evolved from just being popular among local barbershop and salon to a huge name among professional hairstylists, veterinarians, pet groomers in and outside the US today. The Andis Company with Mathew Andis as the inventor created smaller and light weight clippers which are a pioneer among the ones being sold at that time.

Within only a few years of gaining experience and expertise in this line, they already outlasted, outperformed other brands and began manufacturing a complete line of finest quality professional clippers for the salon and barber industry. Just then, they also started manufacturing heavy duty, completely efficient and user-friendly design clippers and trimmers for animals mostly horses and dogs. Specializing as well on the entirety of animal grooming, they offer complete choices of professional caliber clippers of cordless type, light weight, heavy duty, adjustable from single to multi speed models, and functional design for ear and nose grooming. 

No matter what the breed of pet is, andis clippers are capable of maintaining pet’s coat at the right length, giving the pet a clean good look and feel all the time. Either for a usual daily walk or dog show, this pair of clippers is a clever tool for grooming and gives delight and pride to both the pet and the owner.  And because these clippers are made to last, they can make use of them for many years to come especially if they decide to raise several pets. Consequently, pet owners are able to make a great save through this wise investment.

You can never go wrong with andis clippers which are one of the top and widely favored clippers by many pet owners. On the other hand, before you give it a go, it is still best that you inquire about this product through friends and families who have already tried it to see what advantages it has in the making for you and your pet.